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Technology teaching resources

  ¡@¡@With the views of science education, this learning unit tells you the scientific knowledge in the traditional Atayal tribal culture, teaching materials come from the children¡¦s toys, food, time, weights and measures, flying squirrel, study the scientific knowledge and culture from both the angles of the elderly people and scientists.

Science hunting ground

  ¡@¡@The learning model of this learning unit is based on the learning model WOLF that Ms. Li-yu Fu (1999) developed based on the worldview framework. WOLF is developed in reference to the worldview transforming model and learning link of Kearney (1984). Animation games and Q & A are employed for guided learning.  

Hunting hut of scientists

  ¡@¡@Ms. Li-yu Fu will call all teachers from all schools and students from National Tsing Hua University Center for Teacher Education for you, and make a teaching team, any questions, this is the right place for you!

My science hunting hut

  ¡@¡@All of your Yabit interactive learning records are here, Go, go, go!


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