With the belief of science-technology-society, Yabit harvest Festival holds all kinds of activity camps and goes deep into the Atayal tribes in Jianshih Township, Hsinchu and Tai-an Township, Miao-Li area. One step at the time, we have captured the precious activities on films, by interacting directly with people, the concern for the humanity of the community, develop the respect for the mother nature and capacity for meaning of life. The prosperous activity result is as if unto the traditional harvest festival of the aborigines, it was specially recorded on the website, and promoting the science education and culture of the aborigines at the same time.

Tribal events
¡@¡@ The contents of the tribal activities were all-inclusive and all were captured on the digital cameras.

Learning Results
¡@¡@The digital show of little aboriginal friends' achievement.

Making friends with aborigines overseas
¡@¡@ Ms. Li-yu Fu has attended and published thesis in The American Indian Science and Engineering Society and National Association of Research in Science Teaching (NARST) 2001Conference.

STS science-technology-social camp
¡@¡@All the STS activity camps held through out the years have an official website that is rich in content. We hope that the website will be a continuance for the activity, allows the participants to be involved continually through the website after the activity is over. The most updated activity also provides the teaching material on the web, extending the antennas to more people that have not yet been involved in the activity.


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