The beautiful tribe of the Atayalic youth: Jianshih Township

This is a very special achievement show. After one semester of effort, the students from Jianshih junior high have teamed up, walked every corner of the hometown diligently, by ways of cameras, paints and words to express the feeling and the understanding, weaved it into books and books of painting albums to share with everyone. Our appreciation is to the enthusiastic guidance and assistance of the art teacher and Ms. Shu-chun Tsai for helping the students¡¦ process to go smoothly.
Unique Rocks
  Yao-Tsung Wu, Cheng-Hsiao Huang, Yi-Lung Hsieh, Chun-Tzu Tan, Chen-Lung Li
The Beautiful Views of Jianshih Township
  Hsiao-Fan Tung, Hua-Chuan Chang, Kun-Ting Wu, Mei-Hui Chuang
Famous Places in YuFeng Village
  Ben-Le Huang, Kai-Ping Chen, Hsin-Chen Lin, Ying-Chieh Chen, Sheng-Wen Hsu
The Beauty of the Jianshih Rivers
Kai-Hsiang Lai, Hui-Chuan Lin, Ssu-Han Chen, Chin-Chiang, Ai-Huan Tseng
The Beauty of the Church In Jianshih Township
  Yuan-Hsun Chen, Chun-Lung Chiu, Chih-Chieh Lai, Chia-Hua Chou, Wen-Hsiang Tan
Treasures of Jianshih Township
  Yu-Shu Chang, Shao-Lung Liu, Wen-Chih Juan, Wen-Hsun Lai
Hallelujah the home of God
  Yi-Tse Yang, Chen-Che Chiu, Hsiang-Chi Huang, Chun-Hua Hsieh, Shih-Yao Fan, Ssu-Tse Leng, Chih-Han Wen
Curious Tribe
  Sheng-Chi Huang, Mu-Lin Chuang, Kai-Ti Kao, Ya-ting Leng, Meng-ting Ho
Rock of Jianshih
  Hsiao-Yi Cho, Hui-Chun Lin, Ying-Chen Chen, Hsiao-Chi Li
School of Jianshih Township
  Chun-Chen Wu, Meng-Chuan Chien, Yi-Hsian Chiu, Mei-Ssu Chiu, Meng-ting Kao
Bridges Collection
  Wei-Wei Chu, Hui-tzu Liang, Hsiang-Chiao Hsieh, Wan-Yao Wu, Chia-wei Li
Searching the home of the guardian
  Yao-Yuan Huang, Ya-ting Chuang, Lung-Chun Chiu, Ya-Chin Hsieh, Ya-Hui Cheng
Administrative agency of Jianshih Township
  Sung-Yao Hsieh, Tien-Hsiang Huang, Wei-Hua Tang, Ting-Yu huang, Li-Yen Huang
Traditional food and wild veggies in Jianshih Township
  Chih-Wen Wen, Mei-Ling Chen, Chang-Hsiang Tan, Hsiu-Mei Liu, Kuo-ping Li
  Hsiao-Shuang Huang, Jui-Ying Tai, Mei-Chin Tseng, Chu-Chuan Chen
Hot spring and Waterfall
  Hsiao-Shuang Huang, Jui-Ying Tai, Mei-Chin Tseng, Chu-Chuan Chen
Tribe Discovery
  Wu-Sheng Kan, Chun-Chieh Tang, Chih-Hua Yun, Pei-Yun Lai, Chia-Wei Tan, Chun-Yu Ho

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