Beautiful tribe of the Atayalic youth: Jianshih Township

¡@¡@This is a very special achievement show. After one semester of effort, the students from Jianshih junior high have teamed up, walked every corner of the hometown diligently, by ways of cameras, paints and words to express the feeling and the understanding, weaved it into books and books of painting album to share with everyone. Our appreciation is to the enthusiastic guidance and assistance of the art teacher and Ms. Shu-chun Tsai for helping the students¡¦ process to go smoothly.


Little digital heroes:

¡@¡@In the fourth annual Taiwan Schools CyberFair, which is directed by the Ministry of Education, sponsored by National Tsing Hua University, undertaken by Foundation for Chinese Web Culture & Education, the little aborigines team had performed beautifully, and was called little digital heroes. The host of the website ¡§National Tsing Hua University Yabit¡¨ Ms. Li-yu Fu who also is the CEO of the Foundation for Chinese Web Culture & Education, who has been studying the aboriginal education for years, she is proud of the performance of the little digital heroes, and has established a special area to show their achievement permanently.

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