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Atayalic Ballads

Atayalic Children¡¦s Songs: Atayalic children¡¦s songs that are full of educational and cultural heritage¡@¡@¡@
------Li-yu Fu Intro
¡@¡@The Atayalic ballads in this page primarily are presenting the children¡¦s songs, mainly in reference to the thesis published by Mr. Yawi Noming in the second annual aboriginal music world conference: ¡§A Talk about the connotation inside the Atayalic Children¡¦s Song and its later development from Ke-Le-San Village tribal music¡¨. Performed by special guest Ms. Yu-Yan Chang from National Experimental High School At Science Based Industrial Park.

¡@¡@Click for intros, musical scores and digitally recorded MIDI music.

1) Atayal Lullabies >>
2) yage wah yage kakay mu >>
  (It Hurts! My Foot Hurts!)
3) kahul su inu >>
  (Where Are You From?)
4) mrimuy ta kwara la-hay >>
  (Happy Together)
5) qwas na lpgun >>
  (Counting Song)
6) ke¡¦kahul b¡¦nux sbayan >>
  (The Giant Rock that Gave Birth to the Atayal)
7) sqasal ywaw ryax na k¡¦-mloh >>
  (Let¡¦s Celebrate Together)
8) o le le kwe >>
  (Millet Pounding Song)
9) wa-yal ngansal cin¡¦ring >>
  (Geleliusa Ancient Tune)
10) qwas lmuhuw (¢¹)(¢º) >>
  (Song of Peace)
11) qwas lmuhuw (¢») >>
  (Song of Peace)
12) sm¡¦inu mqwas qwas MATAS yaki bnkis >>
  (In Memory of the Departing Lady with Facial Tattoo)
13) Pasang Piray >>
14) First track: Atayal Lullaby >>
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