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Atayalic Ballads
¡@¡@We welcome more music scores or simplified music notation from more friends, meanwhile, we will also provide the music scores and simplified music notation, we welcome friends who love to play music to mail your music piece to us, we will publish it on ¡§Yabit¡¨ and Mallok Web Magazine. In addition, we welcome your letters if you have different understanding on the ballads.
¡·Collection of Atayalic Ballads>>
Atayalic ballads published by Tai-an Township Office, Teens Website Edition has the fabulous male-female duet.

¡·Atayalic Children¡¦s Songs>>
Fifteen Atayalic Children¡¦s Songs, Ms. Yu-yan Chang is specially invited for the piano performance.

¡·Collection of Atayalic Ballads>>
¡@¡@ Twenty Atayalic ballads are collected from few Atayal ballads books. Music performed by Ms. Yu-yan Chang, song intros are written by Ms. Li-yu Fu.

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